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Walking, Backpacking, Hiking, Cycling or just for casual wear the Paramo Velez Adventure Smock is perfect for all conditions and occasions.

 The Velez smock has been one of Paramos' top outdoor garments for over 10 years. It has been tried and tested by some of the worlds well known outdoors specialists giving you confidence that this smock has the ability to last and protect.


Conventional breathable membrane waterproof fabrics fail because they cannot remove all of the sweat we produce when we are working hard, especially in cold and wet conditions. Therefore condensation and icing are well known problems experienced with membrane rainwear.  

Nikwax Analogy® overcomes these problems because it is not only breathable, but also directional. The Analogy fabric system directs condensation and perspiration away from the body, where it can safely drain away.  

To understand the difference between directionality and breathability, read more here.

Nikwax Analogy comes in two weights:
Nikwax Analogy®: durable, full-weight protection
Nikwax Analogy® Light: same protection, weighs 20% less. A little less durable, but perfect for fast & light adventures 


The Nikwax Analogy system is designed not only to be extremely breathable, but also directional. That means that it directs liquid water as well as water vapour towards the outside of the garment, protecting your insulation. 

Although breathable membranes allow moisture vapour to pass through them, they do nothing to transport liquid water. Therefore, when the production of sweat exceeds moisture vapour transfer, they begin to build up condensation, soaking inner clothing.

So Nikwax Analogy garments work much better for heavy work, and in colder or highly humid conditions, because they actively move all perspiration and condensation outwards.


  1. Excellent field of vision and protection provided by fully adjustable roll-away hood with wired peak.
  2. Fully articulated shoulders and elbows for maximum freedom of movement and optimum fit.
  3. Two-way twin front zips with inner, poppered baffles allow venting for maximum temperature control even on the move.
  4. Easy adjust velcro cuffs with BiteTab closure.
  5. Double-layer lining either side of spine and on shoulders, for technical rucksack use.
  6. Cropped front for maximum freedom of movement.
  7. Drop tail with hem draw-cord for lower back protection.
  8. Reflective piping (front and back) for maximum visibility.
  9. Single hand adjustment throughout.
  10. Large ‘dry’ zipped chest pocket for OS maps, snacks, compass, etc.
  11. Inner ‘dry’, zipped pocket for storage and hand-warming – also fits an OS map.



Your Lifetime Guarantee Any manufacturing defect will be rectified free of charge indefinitely. Damage to the garment by accident or normal ‘wear and tear’ can be repaired by Páramo at a reasonable cost. Páramo Directional Waterproof garments, maintained correctly, will outperform membrane and coating based waterproof systems. The performance of garments using Nikwax Fabrics and Fabric Combinations can be maintained indefinitely by applying Nikwax Garment Aftercare products according to the manufacturer’s instructions. (See Aftercare and Maintenance information) Any modifications made to the garment by anyone other than Páramo Customer Services will invalidate this guarantee. This guarantee is limited to the repair of the garment and excludes consequential loss or damages. Páramo Cambia products are guaranteed for defects in manufacturing. However, as with all base layers, the high performance, stretch and soft handle of these garments makes them vulnerable to damage from abrasive surfaces. Although such damage is unlikely to compromise Cambia’s unique performance, please remember that in harsh conditions these garments are ideally worn under windproofs, waterproofs or other outer layers to protect their appearance.