Paramo Insulation

What it does: Nikwax Analogy® Insulator combines Nikwax® Windproof closely woven microfibre outer with Nikwax synthetic, water-resistant fill to cut windchill and provide excellent insulation for overlayering with other Nikwax fabrics.  It retains body heat very effectively to warm the body quickly and deflects the rain while providing excellent moisture vapour transfer.  It packs down small, giving a high warmth to weight ratio. The fill gives a down-like feel and performance with the benefit of still working well when wet.

Key benefits:

  • Very efficient retention of body heat to warm you quickly; 
  • Cuts windchill and provides excellent block insulation; 
  • Down-like feel and performance continues to work when wet; 
  • Packs down small with a high warmth-to-weight ratio; 
  • Deflects the rain while allowing excellent moisture vapour transfer to minimise condensation; 
  • Can be treated with Nikwax TX Direct to give renewable waterproof performance; 
  • Very durable outer to endure regular use in all conditions.