Paramo Men's Velez Adventure Light Smock

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The Velez Adventure Light Smock utilises Nikwax Analogy Light, our lightweight fabric that still gives Full Directional waterproof performance and all the other advantages of Analogy fabric but in a lighter package - excellent for summer use or for travelling light. It offers the features of the best-selling Velez - the front twin zips allow excellent ventilation and temperature control while the large front pocket is very practical for carrying maps and guides, photographic lenses or snacks and other requisites.

This lightweight smock in Moss is the choice of both male and female wildlife watchers and photographers, and is available in sizes S - XXL.

Your Lifetime Guarantee Any manufacturing defect will be rectified free of charge indefinitely. Damage to the garment by accident or normal ‘wear and tear’ can be repaired by Páramo at a reasonable cost. Páramo Directional Waterproof garments, maintained correctly, will outperform membrane and coating based waterproof systems. The performance of garments using Nikwax Fabrics and Fabric Combinations can be maintained indefinitely by applying Nikwax Garment Aftercare products according to the manufacturer’s instructions. (See Aftercare and Maintenance information) Any modifications made to the garment by anyone other than Páramo Customer Services will invalidate this guarantee. This guarantee is limited to the repair of the garment and excludes consequential loss or damages. Páramo Cambia products are guaranteed for defects in manufacturing. However, as with all base layers, the high performance, stretch and soft handle of these garments makes them vulnerable to damage from abrasive surfaces. Although such damage is unlikely to compromise Cambia’s unique performance, please remember that in harsh conditions these garments are ideally worn under windproofs, waterproofs or other outer layers to protect their appearance.