Electric Cycles



Why choose an ebike?

  • Cheap to Run
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Faster Travel
  • Health and Fitness

Electric bikes offer a wide range of advantages over the use of a confessional bike, whether it is for fitness, lack of mobility or just want to tackle tougher terrain, with the development and progression of eBikes there is a wide range of bikes to suit your preferred riding style.

Outdoors Ramsey has some of the world best known electric bikes in store such as Haibike, Raleigh and Lapierre to name a few.
With our technical experts are always to hand so you will not only get all the information you require, but we also provide a backup service for any future servicing.

Our staff are also certified Bosch eBike technicians to give you our customers the best up to date support and keeping your bike up to date.