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Casual, Comfortable, Practical and Breathable are just a few key features of the Paramo Cascade jacket.
The Cascade jacket is perfect for those wet, cold and windy conditions whether it is walking the dog or out on the hills, the Cascade jacket offers protection, warmth and breathability for you to enjoy hours outside without the discomfort.


The Men’s Cascada Jacket has a classic long-line design, additional protective features and pockets designed for walkers

Full weather protection guaranteed from fully adjustable hood, double storm flaps, drip skirt and drawcords at waist and hem
Freedom of movement and comfort thanks to generous fit and long-line design with articulation in shoulders and sleeves.
Designed with walkers in mind for confident days out with reinforced shoulder construction for pack-carrying and three generous pockets.

Nikwax Analogy® is more than just breathable, it is directional, moving liquid water

Conventional breathable membrane waterproof fabrics fail because they cannot remove all of the sweat we produce when we are working hard, especially in cold and wet conditions. Therefore condensation and icing are well known problems experienced with membrane rainwear. 

Nikwax Analogy® overcomes these problems because it is not only breathable, but also directional. The Analogy fabric system directs condensation and perspiration away from the body, where it can safely drain away. 

To understand the difference between directionality and breathability, read more here.

Detailed Benefits

Choose the Cascada Jacket for its guaranteed weather protection, its moisture control and its suitability for walkers, nature-watchers and outdoor workers …

The long-line Cascada Jacket does not compromise on protection. Features such as storm flaps on zips for extra security and a fully adjustable hood combine with Nikwax Analogy fabric to give all weather comfort. 

It is designed with walkers in mind, from generous pockets to extra reinforcement for backpack wearers. So expect outstanding protection from wind and rain and good moisture removal combined with walker-friendly features.  

How will your Páramo® outperform breathable membrane garments?

The Nikwax Analogy system is designed not only to be extremely breathable, but also directional. That means that it directs liquid water as well as water vapour towards the outside of the garment, protecting your insulation. 

Although breathable membranes allow moisture vapour to pass through them, they do nothing to transport liquid water. Therefore, when the production of sweat exceeds moisture vapour transfer, they begin to build up condensation, soaking inner clothing.

So Nikwax Analogy garments work much better for heavy work, and in colder or highly humid conditions, because they actively move all perspiration and condensation outwards.

Technical Features


  1. Excellent field of vision, fine adjustment and complete weather protection provided by fully adjustable, roll-away hood with wired peak.
  2. Two-way front zip and pocket zips protected by outer poppered storm flaps. 
  3. Maximum freedom of movement and comfort from articulated shoulders and sleeves.
  4. Increased comfort and protection when pack carrying provided by Pump Liner® reinforced, double layer shoulder construction.
  5. Excellent weather protection in all conditions from unique 2" drip skirt and scooped tail.
  6. Temperature control provided by waist and hem drawcords, which help eliminate rucking when load carrying.
  7. Three generous pockets:
    • Handwarming and storage from two hip pockets.
    • Generous chest pocket for OS map storage.
  8. Multi-adjust cuff design allows sleeves to be rolled for cooling.



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