Nikwax Down Wash

Down Wash
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Cleaner for down filled clothing and gear
Effectively removes dirt whilst revitalising insulation and water-repellency

Benefits of using this product

Down Wash protects the loft of down three ways…

Like all Nikwax products, Down Wash is safe to use
People who use Down Wash say that it does the job

Ideal for

Down equipment loses its insulating properties when it gets dirty…

Down is ideal for very cold, freezing dry conditions
Down makes great high mountain clothing for mountaineers, skiers and snow boarders

How to apply

You can use Down Wash in a washing machine... 

Very large items may be washed by hand
Drying of Down items should always be done in a tumble drier

When to use this product

Use Down Wash when your down equipment soaks up water…
Down needs Down Wash, a specialist cleaner
How you treat your down is as important as what you use