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The pop range is for those who want a super fast pitchup.
Ideal for short stays, weekend events and festivals.
With its lighweight frame and fabric making it great for first time campers and festival goers.

Why not upgrade to the POP DS (POP+)
The upgrade of the POP with not only an outer skin fitted but also has a pre-attached inner skin, which ensure extra comfort when camping.


  • The ProTex 70 Denier polyester flysheet is a highly waterproof, durable and reliable fabric that will keep you dry and comfortable, and it's exclusive to Vango
  • Pop up technology is quick to pitch and pack, allowing more time to enjoy yourself
  • PE groundsheets are robust and hardwearing. Ideal fabric to stand up to the rigours of the most active of campers
  • Vango PowerFlex Fibreglass pre-inserted poles are strong, flexible, instant pitch poles
  • Reflective webbing picks up torchlight so the pegging points are easily visible in darkness
  • We weather test each of our tents to the European standard EN5912, in a certified wind and rain test centre. This is to ensure they will perform in the worst of weather
  • Low level vents create a functional and pleasant flow of air within the tent
  • Handled carry bag is slightly oversized to make pack away easier
  • Lantern hanging point in the living area or inner tent
  • Part mesh inner door - Increases ventilation in the inner tent while keeping bugs out
  • All Vango tents use fully fire retardant fabrics that meet the European EN5912 safety standard to give you peace of mind


  • Conveniently positioned inner tent pockets store snacks, torches or electronics
  • Breathable polyester inner tent- the fabric allows condensation to pass through, ensuring a comfortable nights sleep

POP 200                                                                                                                               POP 200+ (DS)

pop-200.jpgvango-2014-icon-3000mm-flysheet.jpgvango-2014-icon-fire-retardant-meets-en5912.jpgvango-2014-icon-pop-up.jpgvango-2014-icon-powerflex-fibreglass-poles.jpgvango-2014-icon-video-available.jpg   pop-200-ds.jpg vango-2014-icon-3000mm-flysheet.jpgvango-2014-icon-fire-retardant-meets-en5912.jpgvango-2014-icon-pop-up.jpgvango-2014-icon-powerflex-fibreglass-poles.jpgvango-2014-icon-video-available.jpg


POP 300

pop-300-ds.jpg vango-2014-icon-3000mm-flysheet.jpgvango-2014-icon-fire-retardant-meets-en5912.jpgvango-2014-icon-pop-up.jpgvango-2014-icon-powerflex-fibreglass-poles.jpgvango-2014-icon-video-available.jpg

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