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For use in low light or night-time conditions to aid location during emergency situations. Effective and simple to use.


. Battery-free emergency lighting

. 2 single use 15cm (6'') light sticks

. Provides hours of soft, glowing light

. Weatherproof

. Attach easily to tents, boats etc with integrated hook and lanyard

. Non-flammable contents

. 812mm (32'') breakaway lanyard 

. Create large diameter signal by twirling light stick in a circle using the lanyard

Usage instructions

1) Tear foil pouch open and remove light stick

2) Bend light stick in centre until it snaps

3) Shake vigorously

4) After light is activated, do not bend stick 


Two-Year Limited Warranty A UST Brands product with a Two-Year Limited Warranty is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of original retail purchase of the product. UST Brands is not responsible for defects or malfunctions resulting from abused products or normal use, wear and tear.