Posted by Outdoors Ramsey on 27th Nov 2020

Cycle Maintenance 101 - Wet VS Dry Lube

Your probably thinking “What’s even the difference? Surely not much?”. 

The answer to that is, there's quite a lot different actually. 

Below reveals the differences between the two, helping you pick the best bike lube for you...

Dry Lubes:

  • Best for dry environments
  • Non-tacky
  • Low viscosity (dry) - Doesn’t hold on to dust & grit
  • Waxy
  • Usually used for summer riding

Wet lube:

  • Ideal for conditions that are wet, muddy and humid
  • Stays on chain much longer (less reapplications = longer rides)
  • Allows the MTB to be used while not optimally clean more effectively
  • Doesn’t need time to dry, so can just reapply as needed on the spot
  • Usually used for winter riding

We hope this helped you out. Happy picking!