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    Add useful StarPort attachments to your inflatable without having holes cut into the tubing.
    Completely compatible with all StarPort accessories.

    What You Get:

    One RIBPort (150 x 114 x 21 mm) Including StarPort

    Construction Materials

    StarPort: AES - (Acrylonitrile Ethylene Styrene)
    RIBPort: Non-leeching PVC 
    Accessories: 15% glass-filled nylon
    Stainless Steel Fasteners

    CAUTION: While the StarPort RIBPort is straightforward to install, WE STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO USE A PROFESSIONAL RIB REPAIRER.

    1. Remove the StarPort and screws from the base, to avoid potential damage during installation.
    2. Clean the surface of both the RIB location and the base thoroughly with Methylethyl Ketone (MEK). The base should align lengthways along the side of the inflatable.
    3. Using a mix of Bostick 999HR (or 999HV) and DESMODOUR RFE mixed @ 5%, apply to both the RIB surface and the base. Allow to contact-dry.
    4. To mould the base to the curvature of your inflatable's surface, heat the base to about 80°C for NO MORE THAN 3 MINUTES in a dry oven, or by using a heat gun.
    5. Carefully align and apply the RIBPORT to the RIB surface, ensuring no air bubbles or dirt becomes trapped in the join, weakening the bond.


    1. Allow RIBPORT to cool, then screw the StarPort to the base.

    NOTE: Use only the screws supplied (12-gauge x 20 mm (0.75 in)). Longer screws may puncture your inflatable.

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