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Ebike Battery Maintenance

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Top tips to keep your electric bike battery healthy.

1. When Storing Your Bike

If you are storing your bike for long periods of time without use it is always best to remove the battery from the bike and keep it inside.
Temperatures can have a big effect on Lithium batteries and keeping its temperature maintained at room temperature will certainly help the cells inside.

2. Charging Your Battery

Keeping your battery topped up when in constant use will help keep the cells active and ensures your bike is ready to go at all times.
If the bike is to be stored for long periods we recommend charging the battery to 50%-60%.

3. Cleaning Your battery

When cleaning your battery it is always good to fully remove the battery from your bike to visually inspect the contacts and terminals.
While the terminals are exposed do check for any corrosion or fur as this can have an effect on the connectivity to the bike. Once cleaned we recommend lightly lubricating the contacts with GT85 Spray

4. Battery Security

Ensuring your battery is fully secure will help prevent any loose connectivity on the bike and will help prevent the battery being stolen or damaged if the battery was to come loose.
Lubricating the lock mechanism and the battery connecting or hinge points will help keep the battery secure and makes sure the battery can be removed smoothly when needed.

5. Bike Servicing

Getting your bike properly maintained can ensure its life span and increase its range per charge.
Simple adjustments such as tyre pressures and gear adjustments can increase its mileage up to an additional 5-10 miles.

Other services items such as brakes and suspension when not properly adjusted or setup can also have an impact on the battery lifespan.

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